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Simply The Best In Rottweilers
Von der Obersten Rottweilers,  
Producing Gorgeous Puppies with Excellent Drive & Temperament For Pet,
Conformation & Working, We Are Code of Ethics Breeder, Located In
Southern California.
We are proud to breed Rottweilers, the Best breed of dogs worldwide,  We
Import not only from Germany, also from the best kennels of the rest of Europe
who's got the top Quality Breeders in the actuality,
Breeding is a challenging, self-gratifying sport, hobby and a profession in which
we participate.
We are a dedicatedly family, working towards providing you with healthy,
quality, well socialized and intelligent family Rottweilers. We believe that if your
puppy is going to become a member of your family, then it should come from
healthy parents of sound minds and are family members as well. That is why
our dogs and puppies are raised in a loving family environment with a variety of
other pets.  Both Sire and dam are V Rated and have excellent working and v
rated Dogs in the pedigree...  If you would like to be included on our Litter
Waiting  list, please email us with your name and Phone Number, If you are
interested in our dogs or have questions about future litters please don't
hesitate in contacting us.

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Von der Obersten
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Srecko Timit Tor  X Mema Timit Tor
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" Welcome to Badass Rottweilers "
Britney von der Oberten
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